Tony Crynight

Tony Crynight

Tony Crynight é uno youtuber Italiano.

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I'm collaborating with Jonathan Jones, Haylizbeth, Nikki-Chan and Timberpuppers! And here is the list of our patrons, the wonderful people who are really helping us to continue this project! ^^ Click here to see the full list! ► Hi! I'm an Italian guy who likes drawing and animating. Do you want to know something about me? Gosh, you must be weird fellows! Favorite movie: One flew over the cuckoo's nest Favorite animated movie: Watership Down Favorite book: The Drive-In Favorite TV series: Little Britain Favorite TV animated series: Regular Show Favorite food: Pizza and Spaghetti (I love contributing to spread stereotypes about Italians!) Favorite color: Black Do you want to help me adding subtitles and/or translating the descriptions of my videos? Follow this link!


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Attualmente, Tony Crynight ha circa 1660000 iscritti su YouTube e si è classificato al 43° posto nella classifica italiana di YouTube in base al numero di iscritti totali del canale. Finora ha caricato 111 video che hanno generato circa 376429759 visualizzazioni in totale. Tony Crynight di solito carica un video ogni 19 giorni (in media) e riceve in media circa mi piace e commenti per video.


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43. 09/27 1660000
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88. 09/27 376349820

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